Bullion Coins versus Currency Coins

Gold and Silver Bullion Coin RoundsMany collectors of precious metals do so by collecting coins. Rare coins in silver gold – and sometimes platinum – are highly collectible. Much of their value is tied to their history than to their precious metal content.

On the other hand, many folks like to have precious metal on hand, as a curio or as an investment – gold, silver and platinum tend to maintain their relative value without regard to factors such as inflation or other economic changes. An ounce of gold will buy roughly the same amount of bread today as it would in the days of ancient Rome.

Many collectors will purchase gold, silver and platinum bullion in the form of bullion coins. Such coins are often beautifully struck with elaborate designs. Small nations will strike legal tender coinage and make it available for sale overseas.

While these bullion coins – often called “rounds” are desirable, their value is most often wrapped up in their metal value rather than their value as a collectible, though there are exceptions to this rule. Bullion can also be struck in bars – rectangles with rounded corners, though there are many shapes of bullion coin.

Bullion coins are minted and measured by the ounce – troy ounces – and are usually struck in fractions of an ounce. Collectors will find one ounce, half ounce or quarter ounces in silver, even smaller fractions in gold or platinum. Authentic bullion coins from reputable mints have their weight and purity struck as part of the coin.

Some bullion coins in are very attractive – the tiny nation of Paulu as an example, adds bright colors to their coins to commemorate events and places. China mints silver and gold bullion coins with a panda motif. South Africa is famous for their Krugerrands, some of which are legal tender in that nation while other Krugerrands are made as bullion.

America will mint some bullion coins, often replicas of famous coins from the past. These include the Buffalo silver dollar, silver Liberties and others.

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