Good Things to Know Before Selling your Silver Flatware

Silver Flatware BuyersJewels on Hampton are silver flatware buyers! Here are a few tips to know when looking over your silver flatware you are considering selling, or if you just want to explore how valuable it may be.

Flatware vs Hollowware

For the purposes of being a silver flatware buyer, we want to establish our terms. Silver flatware is either sterling silver or silver plated items that are “flat” such as a knife, fork and spoon set. Flatware can also include any items such as a serving platter, plate or tray.

Holloware can also be sterling silver or silver plated, but are different from flatware in that they are usually formed into a piece that is hollow inside, like a creamer, coffee or teapot or serving bowl. Both flatware and hollowware are used for serving meals, whereas cutlery – another category of sterling silver or plated silver kitchen items – are usually considered meal preparation items.

Sterling Silver Flatware vs Silver Plated Flatware

Sterling silver flatware is made from an alloy that contains a certain amount of silver through and through. This is distinct from silver plated flatware that is first made from a base metal such as a nickel alloy or stainless steel. Silver is then electroplated onto the flatware.

The number of layers plated onto a flatware item will have an effect on the value for two reasons. First, a higher silver amount will make the inherent value greater. Second, the more durable the silver plate, the better the condition of the piece over time. Better condition always means more value.

Sterling silver flatware, given that it has more of the precious metal silver in it, usually has a much greater value. Even if a piece is heavily damaged, the value of the metal remains. Plated flatware can be very valuable if the pattern is desireable. Jewels on Hampton is interested in both types of silver flatware.

Pattern, Age and Condition Matter to Silver Flatware Buyers

With either sterling silver flatware, or silver plated flatware, buyers are looking at condition, age and the pattern. Pattern refers to the design of the various items such as knives, forks, spoons and plates and trays. Manufactures of sterling and plated silver items will create a design that will tie the entire set together. Many patterns are sought after depending on the current decorating trend. The silver flatware buyers at Jewels on Hampton are experts on what patterns are popular and will fetch the best price. Condition is considered by silver flatware buyers. The closer an item is to its original condition, the better. Wear and tear is expected up to a point, but sometimes a desirable piece is so worn it is worth far less. This is why it is important to clean your silver flatware carefully and learn from an expert how to preserve its value.

Selling your Silver Flatware to Our Buyers

If you want to sell your silver flatware, bring your pieces to our store. The buyers at Jewels on Hampton will evaluate your items and negotiate a fair price in view of current market conditions.

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