Reproductions, Originals and Counterfeits

FB_RealOrFakeDo you know what the difference is between a counterfeit and a reproduction? About 10 years in prison!

All sorts of collectible items are reproduced to be exacting matches to the original items. Often these are collectibles that may have strong aesthetic or sentimental attachment to the people who would like to own that item, but the originals might be very rare.

An example of common reproductions are comic books. A first edition of a popular comic character can command a hefty price in good condition, but there are plenty of people who pay for reproductions to see what that comic looked like back in the day.

Antique furniture is often reproduced. Finishing experts use vintage materials and techniques to give furniture built today the appearance of age to create a decor.

Other commonly reproduced items are:

  • Collectible Lunchboxes
  • Die Cast Toys
  • Pottery and Porcelain
  • Artwork
  • Statuary
  • Coins
  • Movie Memorabilia
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Military Collectibles – Insignia, Uniforms and Equipment
  • Firearms

Manufacturers of legitimate reproductions take measures to clearly indicate that an item is a reproduction. Coins struck to duplicate the design of a vintage coin are clearly marked as a reproduction.

Unfortunately, there are many disreputable persons and firms that try to pass of a reproduction as a genuine antique or vintage collectible, rendering that item a counterfeit.  Research, reliable provenance, experience and doing business with known, reputable dealers is the best protection from paying for an authentic collectible but receiving a counterfeit.

At Jewels on Hampton, we are careful to review and research items that enter our inventory. We are careful to inform our customers if an item is a reproduction. Often our customers are happy to have a modern version of a favorite toy or a clock just like Grandma had. Others can rely on the authenticity of the items we  promote as genuine antiques to be the real thing.

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