Finger Mate – Stop Ring Twisting!

Finger MateRings that are hard to put on and remove are troublesome.  Many are unable to remove their heirloom jewelry conveniently and may subject their beautiful rings to damage.  Jewels on Hampton has a solution!

fingermate_3 Finger Mate® is an expandable ring shank that opens and locks.  This allows your ring to expand as much as three finger sizes so you can get your ring onto your finger without difficulty.  If you have resized your ring to allow it to go over a knuckle, you’ve probably noticed how your rings will twist on your finger.  Finger Mate allows the ring to slip over the knuckle when open then close securely and comfortably once the ring is placed where you want it on your finger.

Visit Jewels On Hampton to see the amazing Finger Mate.  Our skilled jewelers will examine your ring, check your ring size and demonstrate how Finger Mate can help you enjoy your beautiful rings.

Click on an image below to see some of the many ring styles that can be fitted with Finger Mate.

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