Skilled Jewelers to handle any jewelry repair you need.

Jewels on Hampton have skilled jewelers on staff to handle any jewelry repair you need. Among the many services we offer to restore your heirloom jewelry to like-new condition include:

Jewelry Repair

Resetting, Cleaning, and More

Contact us to get a quote on jewelry cleaning, resetting, resizing, and more.

Jewelry Repair Services:


Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other precious and semiprecious stones can come loose from their setting. Bring your ring, pendant or other piece of jewelry where the stone has come loose and we’ll securely reset it. If you have a loose stone, visit Jewels on Hampton to find a new setting to show off your beautiful  gem.


Over time your jewelry can lose its sparkle. Jewels on Hampton will safely remove the accumulated dirt and grime from your jewelry. Our skilled jewelers will return to you your necklace, pendant, ring watch or other piece clean and full of its original luster.


Broken clasps can be replaced with modern closures that will safely keep your necklace or bracelet in place as you wear it.

Ring Resizing

If your ring does not fit, bring it into Jewels on Hampton for resizing. Our team will make sure your ring fits correctly and comfortably, often while you wait.

Ring Joining

Jewels on Hampton can take two or more rings and join then together, such as an engagement ring and wedding ring. Bring in the rings you would like to see joined and our skilled jewelers will help you create a single, tasteful ring from them.

Replace Ring Shank

If the shank of your ring is damaged, the jewelers at Jewels on Hampton can replace it and make it like new. For those whose fingers have larger knuckles, we offer the amazing  Finger Mate® ring shank. This remarkable ring shank opens and locks, expanding up to three ring sizes allowing you to slip your ring on your finger comfortably, then lock the shank for a perfect fit.

Watch Repair

Jewels on Hampton jewelers are able to clean and repair fine watches. We can replace bezels, replace batteries or shorten wristbands to improve fit, often while you wait in the store. We can replace watchbands that are damaged or to update the look of a fine timepiece.


Do you have a broken string of pearls or other valuable beaded necklace or bracelet? Bring them to the jewelers at Jewels on Hampton to be restrung and restored to its original beauty.


If you have a piece of jewelry that is in need of repair or restoration,  bring it by our store. Our jewelers will carefully examine your heirloom and offer our recommendations for restoring its beauty.