Coins, Currency & Bullion

Jewels on Hampton buys and sells coins and collectible currency.
Among the many currencies and coins we carry are:

Gold & Silver Coins

We purchase and sell gold coins and silver coins used as currency in the United States and other nations. Bring in your half dollars, dollars, twenty dollar pieces, quarters and dimes and other coins in your collection and get the best price anywhere. If you need to round out your collection, or want coins as an investment, Jewels on Hampton offer fair prices. Visit regularly as inventory changes every day.

American Eagle Canadian Maple Leaf South African Krugerrand American Liberty American Morgan.

Commemorative Coins

Jewels on Hampton carries and purchases commemorative coins. These coins are struck not as currency, buy as gifts or collectible investments.

Visit to see our inventory of these type of gold and silver collectibles or stop by with your collection and we’ll offer you a very fair price.

Proof Sets

A great gift idea, proof sets are coins minted and sealed to preserve the value of a set of coins. We have a wide variety on sale, and we are always happy to offer a fair price for your proof sets.

Vintage Currency

We carry many examples of vintage paper currency, including silver certificates. Stop by the store to see what we have on hand, or bring your collection by to learn how much you can earn from your investment.

Bullion Bars

We buy and sell bullion bars in a variety of sizes and amounts. Often these are struck with beautiful designs making them an attractive gift and a great investment.