Proof Coins and Proof Coin Sets Highly Collectible

Proof Sets & Proof CoinsProof Coins are First among a Batch of Coins

A popular collectible among coin collectors are Proofs and Proof Sets. Coins are minted using dies. Typically made of a very hard material – certainly harder than the metal out of which a coin is struck – dies do wear out over time. Proofs can be coins struck very early in the lifespan of a die, often a fixed number of coins of that particular denomination.

Proof Coins May Use Unique Dies and are Limited Edition

Proof coins can also be a special set of dies that are only used for proof coins. In the United States, the U.S. Treasury mints proof sets of a fixed quantity for sale just for coin collectors. These proof coins are then sold in sets, called Proof Sets. The dies used to strike proofs are usually created with greater care and attention to detail than dies used to strike coins for circulation as currency. This extra care leads to more attractive coins. This and the relative scarcity compared to currency in circulation are among the reasons they are desired by collectors.

Coin Proofs Can Be Examples, or Commemorative

A Proof Set are usually an example of the coins minted that year. A proof set can include a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar, depending on whether or not those coin denominations were in production. Proof sets with special coins in them, such as those minted for the U.S. Bicentennial, or to commemorate the moon landing can be of greater value to a collector.

Proof sets are available from a wide variety of nations. America, the United Kingdom, South Africa and others offer proofs and proof sets for collectors. Often these coins are minted, then placed in a special presentation case or sealed in plastic. The value of a proof set can be affected if the presentation case is damaged.

Coin Proof Sets May Be Minted from Precious Metals

Proof coins are usually made of the same metals that coins meant for circulation, but it is common to see special versions of these coins minted from precious metals. Depending on the country, these special edition coins can be used as currency, but the value of the coins exceeds the face value of the coin.

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