Storing and Handling Collectible Coins

FB_Coin_CareDo you have a coin collection? Make sure you store it right! Coin collections that are not stored properly can be reduced to junk – worth only the value of the precious metal – if allowed to be damaged by their storage environment or how they are handled.

Handling – The oils in your skin can leave behind fingerprints, and depending on circumstances, can actually damage the finish on a coin. Make sure your hands are clean and dry, or better yet get some cotton gloves before handling your collectible coins. Leave your coins in their protective sleeve or cover if you can. Always handle a coin over a soft surface in case it slips out of your hands – a dropped coin can suddenly be worth a lot less if you ding the edge or damage the face.

Cheap Plastics Tubes and Sleeves, Cardboard Frames – Many plastics and papers are manufactured with corrosive materials that can damage coins. Cheap paper and plastic coin sleeves can over time introduce damaging, corrosive gasses that will destroy delicate details in your coins. Always buy your coin sleeves and tubes from a reputable coin dealers and double-check with them that they are acid-free. Putting a valuable coin in the cheapest possible holder is a bad idea.

Temperature and Humidity – Water and humidity damage coins. Store your coins in a dry place with stable temperatures. Coins that get cold can form condensation as the temperature goes up and atmospheric humidity increases, damaging coins. Keep your coins in a place where you maintain a steady temperature and humidity. Basements and attics are a poor choice.

Closets and Cabinets – Bookshelves, cabinets and closets often are made of materials like particle board that slowly release gasses and vapors that can damage coins. If you can keep your coins in a sealed metal box or safe, you can minimize their exposure to these gasses.

At Jewels on Hampton, we want you to enjoy your collectible coins for years to come. If you have any questions about storing your collectible coins, please stop by. We are happy to help.

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